“Just the tip. Just to see how it feels.”

HuffPost blog: Tips for the “Summer of Flirtation.”

“We are flummoxed as to how ‘playing it cool’ became the standard for anything, especially in romance, where the whole point is passion… It can feel vulnerable to express joy because it signifies we really care, [and] we run the risk of being disappointed or disheartened. But this is precisely why your uninhibited, un-self-conscious expressions of joy are so sexy! They display your fearlessness, your lack of self-consciousness, and your giant heart.”

I’m usually like this, but I’ve been kind of on mute lately. Mostly because I’ve realized there IS such a thing as too much flirting, and openness isn’t always sexy. Or, rather, I suppose it’s not sexy when you’re open with the wrong people. When you find the right ones, it’s insanely hot and delightfully refreshing.

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