The shiny, candy-like button!

I deleted the Facebook page associated with this blog yesterday after a real-life friend accidentally tagged my real Facebook page and linked to it using my real name and calling it my “anonymous dirty blog.”

Tagging my name means that the Ex, New Lad, my DAD, and various other people I’d prefer not to see me whining about my vagina, are provided a link right to the Facebook page.

So that’s what happened. I was home and deleted it swiftly, hopefully before anyone saw it. I want to make you guys laugh and get all this shit out of my head. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or let my super-Jesusy former college professor know that I had a bikini wax the other day.

But it’s been ONE day and I already miss that little red “like” icon I’d always get.

I’ll figure something out and get it back. Having it exclusively on WordPress is really limiting my ego stroking when I need it most.

9 thoughts on “The shiny, candy-like button!

    • I BELIEVE she was typing on a cell phone and didn’t realize the tagging thing had happened when she typed my name, but I haven’t had a chance to ask yet. (But, I mean… my name…)

  1. There’s a like button at the end of the post, but you have to have a WP account to use it. Guess I’ll have to create one!

      • No worries, I’ll survive. The only hassle is picking a username that isn’t already taken.

      • Username duly chosen. It only took me twenty tries before I found one I liked that wasn’t already taken. Not sure if this is a commentary on my lack of creativity in naming, or just the fact that there are that many people on WP.

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