Hey, humanity? We can stop this any time.

It makes me sad to see things like this on Facebook.
Sure, I’m curvy. (And the ride? EPIC.) But thin girls are also beautiful, and they shouldn’t be made to feel bad for NOT having “curves” any more than I should be made to feel bad about having them. I don’t need to insult other women’s bodies to feel better about mine.

I understand it’s meant to be funny and “empowering” and that curvy girls get a lot of media grief. But imagine if this message were reversed to favor thin girls: “A woman with curves is like a winding road: a tremendous hassle to navigate and you’re exhausted and irritated when you arrive at your destination.”

Stop hating, ladies. We’re fine, OK? Different strokes, etc.

(I won’t even get into — heh — how this sort of reduces an entire woman to the quickness with which someone can penetrate her.)

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