“You’ll be my man-friend.”

Menfolk, I have a query for you.

A girl you’ve met casually a few times in a group setting asks you to go with her — just the two of you — to see a movie you’d chatted about briefly. Do you assume she’s hitting on you? (And if so, is that hot?) Or would you just figure she was being friendly based on mutual interest in the film?

Discuss, and feel free to ask friends.

3 thoughts on ““You’ll be my man-friend.”

  1. I asked a man friend. His response:
    Depends on how you have been communicating the few times you have met. If you are pretty he will find you asking him hot, if he is interested in you he will also find it hot. If you are not hot he won’t find it hot. If he’s not interested and you’re not hot you might even make him throw up.

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