I didn’t know Cupid was into S&M.

Remember when I signed up for OkCupid mostly for hilarious blog material?

I apologize for my flippancy, you guys, because I do believe I’ve just found my soulmate.

OKC has a set of fill-in-the-blank questions, and one is, “You should message me if…”

So. This guy says ladies should message him if: “You are not looking for a husband. You sometimes think about being with a smart, assertive, masculine man, with a hot body, and an amazing cock.”

Who else is wagering money that I could get him to send me a photo of his dick?

(I won’t. I’m actually kind of uncomfortable putting his words here. Everyone is entitled to their groove and OKC can be a playground of casual sex opps. And I HAVE thought about everything he said. It just made me giggle. Maybe his cock IS amazing. His body isn’t bad, he posted photos — JUST of his body, none of his face. But I’m not enough of an asshole to post them here.)

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