NCAADD — So many balls…

Things I realize while lost in a Bermuda Triangle of Internet porn: I do not have the attention span for a 16-man gang-bang. That’s just too many dicks. It looks like a lot of work.

Plus, I don’t do anal, and my jaw got tired at the dentist the other day, so I’m pretty sure I’d be the world’s worst gang-bang participant. At least 10 of those penises would end up disappointed — probably more. AND, from the men’s side of things, a friend observes, “I think I’d get bored waiting my turn with my dick just waving in the breeze.” Exactly. This situation benefits no one.

By the way, don’t judge me — it’s research! I saw the title and thought, “16 men?! How would that even work?”


“Oh… Oh, wow, OK. Not for me, but good for you, girl, get yours. You’re like the NCAA of dick.” Because… “Sweet 16,” get it? Bwah ha ha.

Oh, OH! OR, Needful Cock-Absorbing Adult. Tee hee. Sorry, I’m way too excited to have made a sports analogy… Ahem — ANALogy. OK, really, I’m done now.

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