Of course it’s weird. Have we met?

I’m growing a little weary of people telling me it’s weird or codependent that I still talk to my ex.

It wasn’t a bad breakup. He’s been one of my best friends, my family, for 10 years. Maybe it’s not conventional, but my divorced parents are Facebook friends, so maybe we’re just not a conventional people. He will be part of my life in some capacity for the foreseeable future; the scope of that capacity is still being determined.

And hey, for a while there, if I didn’t talk to him, y’all might have been visiting me in an asylum. So can we all agree that, while it may well have been codependent, it was certainly the better option? Let’s be honest: As unhealthy breakup behavior goes, it was by far the least stupid thing I did.

Also? I paid to ask a therapist, and she said it was fine. So there.

2 thoughts on “Of course it’s weird. Have we met?

  1. Seriously? This is a thing people worry about? Given that it wasn’t a bad breakup, why would you NOT continue to talk to him? Were you supposed to excise him from your life entirely according to these silly so and sos? (I’m using so and so because I’m failing utterly to come up with an adequate word to express my annoyance with busybodies who feel they are experts in how everyone else should live life. Yeah, it’s been one of those days.)

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