Things are…things.

I worship at the altar of Jenny Lawson. My head also holds me hostage sometimes. That’s a great way to phrase it.

The Bloggess

The last month has been weirder than usual.  Filled with me wanting to scream at people I can’t scream at.  Filled with me giggling hysterically.  Filled with me crying hysterically.  Filled with stress and dread and far too many hospital visits.  Filled with homing pigeons and falling out of trees and unexpected glee and confusion.  Filled with me sometimes feeling nothing…which is so much worse than feeling anything.   I tend to hide a bit when things are weird and the world goes spiky and I’m sure you’ve probably noticed that.  I’m fine though.  Victor and Hailey are fine and everything that means the most is still wonderful.  There are weird things going on in the background which I can’t always share because they aren’t just my stories, but I still want to come on here and say “I’M STILL ALIVE IN SPITE OF THE BASTARDS” but then people would be…

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