Questioning Cupid

I may regret asking this…

I’m on OKCupid just checking things out. I don’t have a photo, but my profile is complete in a standard-issue way — entertainment choices, etc.

Why am I getting messages from guys based on this? I could be, like, a big giant guy, living in my mom’s basement, creating Catfish profiles and masturbating myself to sleep with my Cheeto-dust-encrusted hands.

Mmm, Cheetos… Sorry, what was I saying?

2 thoughts on “Questioning Cupid

  1. Of course you’re getting messages, you’re a girl. That you might also being a guy trolling them never occurs to the dumber males of OkCupid, who are almost impressive in their awfulness. Just ask that dude who posed as a woman on there? (And OkCupid is supposed to be the less obnoxious online dating site…)

    • Crap. How did the period at the end of that sentence turn into a question mark? This bugs me, and I see no ‘edit’ button. *headdesk*

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