Fun with hypocrisy.

I’m not gonna lie, I would LOVE to see Jennifer Lawrence naked. I have such a huge lady boner for her. But… I don’t want to see her naked unless she wants me to (which I hope she does some day).

Via Playboy: Jennifer Lawrence Is Not a Thing to Be Passed AroundIMG_1358.JPGThis is an irritating realization, because I definitely searched (unsuccessfully) for photos of Anthony Weiner’s penis, and have absolutely looked more than once at that Tumblr page dedicated to Jon Hamm’s penis bulge (which I refer to affectionately as “Hamm-shank”). And frankly, if HIS phone had been hacked, I’d have an incredibly hard — engorged…swollen…turgid…tumescent… AHEM — time not looking at those photos. (UNF.)

Goddammit. Now I have to reexamine my principles. I only have, like, six of them. I’m going to be so pissed if I have to develop another.

2 thoughts on “Fun with hypocrisy.

  1. You’re not as bad as you think. Looking at a guy’s ‘bulge’ is akin to a (hetero) guy checking out a girl in a sweater (or shirt. Main point: there is clothing.) If it’s something you can see* when a person is out in public but would not be so rude as to stare at, look your fill.

    If, on the other hand, you’re looking at something intended to remain private that someone went out of their way to illegally obtain, then yeah, that’s a wee bit of hypocrisy there.

    *Without weird and creepy actions like upskirting. Sorry, that’s not public, sad little douches who should never be allowed to touch actual naked women.

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