I follow yoga sites on Facebook, because I want to be more relaxed, even if I can’t tell you the last time I unclenched enough to attend a yoga class. (This is probably why I NEED yoga, but my idiocy isn’t the point here.)

One of the sites just posted an article on yoga poses to ease menstrual cramps, and some bitch-ass bitch tagged her friend in the comments. As if to say, “Heather, you crampy whore, check this out! Even though I could easily send you this article privately, I’m going to tag you instead so all your friends and colleagues know what a whiny c-word you are when you’re on the rag! RAG TAG!”

Everyone knows there are only two cures for cramps: drugs and food. Fuck yoga. Please send Aleve and fried cheese.

I got your namaste right here. *brandishing cookie*

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