Feminine hyGENIUS!

Wow. Finally a feminine hygiene product ad that really just…GETS how I roll during my period. Just laying on my white sheets in lacy panties and an ugly sweater contest runner-up, keeping my nose warm but throwing my legs, super-prominent hip bones, and concave lady-belly to the wind, staring pensively at the ceiling.

Totes the dream, right, ladies?

4 thoughts on “Feminine hyGENIUS!

  1. I’m so confused. I thought period panties were already a thing (albeit a substantially less fancy thing than that chick’s knickers.) Have I been Doing It Wrong all my post-menarche life?

    • Via Forbes: “The panties currently come in three pretty, lace-trimmed designs (including a thong), each of which are outfitted with patented antimicrobial, leak-resistant fibers in the crotch that promise to absorb as much menstrual blood as up to two tampons or a pad — without the wearer feeling it — and promise to leave the wearer feeling dry.”

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