Dispatches from Pope-pocalypse

Email from Male BFF:

“I work in the Pope Zone and the office will be closed Friday. But they’re sealing the mailbox in the building TODAY. If something happens to me, make sure the world knows I loved my family, the Eagles, and ass play.”

3 thoughts on “Dispatches from Pope-pocalypse

  1. In the Pope Zone? Poor schmuck.
    (Side note: the Secret Service is aware that the city of Rome does not come to a screeching halt on a daily basis for the pope, right? So how come they’re shutting down major American cities?)

    • Honestly? We’re pretty dumb, I’m glad they’re doing it. I heard they have 8 congressmen from each side designated to keep their colleagues from trying to touch the Pope, and that’s our LEADERS.

      • Yeah, I heard that on the news the other night. (My reaction was ‘are you f’ing kidding me? Congresscritters are supposed to be adults! Why is this even a thing??’)

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