“Drugs, man, capital D, Drugs.”

The doctor put me on a new drug*, and told me repeatedly that if I notice a rash to contact her immediately.

Seriously, you guys, am so goddamn sexy I don’t even know how y’all deal with me.

This is especially fun because there’s always SOME reaction somewhere on my skin. I already had eczema (or SEXzema — amirite, fellas?), and my skin reacts to perfumes, soaps, scented feminine products (THAT? Was a great day.), dryer sheets, certain fabrics, shaving, and men’s facial hair when they kiss the BEST places**, so… really, what’s one more?

*Some days I miss being on Abilify — it was SUPER fun feeling like I was ALWAYS over-caffeinated, getting shit done LIKE A BOSS, and not giving a baker’s fuck about anything, including if I slept ever again. Alas, not a sustainable lifestyle. Or so they told me.

**I almost always find this reaction worth it. Fine, whatever, I’ll get psoriasis — just keep your mouth on my neck. It will end well for us all.

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