Say Yes to the Press

I’ve had an unusual number of blog views on the Shonda Rhimes book review I wrote back in November.

Since New Year’s, 23 people have seen it. Only 13 saw it when I first posted it.

What the hell? I was pleased with the post, so I don’t mind, I’m just befuddled.

Also, at least one person found it by searching for “veal practice rhimes,” which made me happy in my lazy places.

“Did I tell you what veal practice is?” asks Rhimes. “Oh! Veal practice involved me lying very still on the sofa trying as hard as I could to mimic the life of a veal. While eating veal. I wish I were kidding. It. Was. Magic.”

2 thoughts on “Say Yes to the Press

  1. The veal practice search might have been me. I read the book after you did, and then thought ‘hey, didn’t Smug write a review of this? I think she did. I remember her mentioning veal practice.’

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