Reading too much into Goodreads

I checked out the profile of the OkCupid guy I wrote about earlier, and I’m not interested, so the name thing won’t even be an issue. (If I met anyone cool, I’d likely get over a name pretty quickly.)

Weirdness factor, though: In his profile, the OkCupid guy linked to his Goodreads page. I clicked it, and it took me directly to a Goodreads page that asked me to accept a friend request from him. I didn’t know that was a thing. I declined the request, but then noticed it also had him “following” my reviews, which I also didn’t know was a thing. So I went to find who else follows my reviews — and it’s him and That Guy, plus two other people I don’t know.

Fucking Internet.

I don’t write reviews, so it’s not as if there’s anything to follow, but I locked down my Goodreads, anyway.

I’m almost positive That Guy friend-requested me on Goodreads a million years ago, and when I declined, Goodreads automatically did the “follow” without him even realizing; he’s likely never noticed because I don’t post anything there. So I’m not implying that he’s, like, stalking my reading list — that would be dumb. The sequence of events was just freaky.

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