Smother, Brother!

I emailed the OkCupid guy and canceled our first date, which had been tentatively scheduled for Saturday.

I’d already gotten antsy about how often he’d been contacting me — I really don’t need to talk to you EVERY day when we haven’t met yet. I feel like a dick because he’d told me repeatedly how much he was enjoying talking to me. But my brain did its “Jesus Christ, PLEASE stop talking” thing that happens when I feel overwhelmed and smothered. Whether that’s valid or just inferred, it’s really hard for me to come back from.

I know I get weird, but this one was honestly, legitimately, not on me. I maintain that if one of the other red flags is something I’m not comfortable sharing here, THAT is a big, fuckoff red flag. I told y’all about that time I blew a guy in a Zipcar — it’s not as if I have a ton of boundaries.

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