“Go on, take the money and run.” 

Wait, what? There’s a woman shaped like me on a magazine cover? A fitness magazine cover?

The hell? Is that even legal? Holy shit, is the world ending?

I’d already been feeling fairly decent about my body lately…but THIS?

Damn, I’m an American woman whose self-esteem seems to be hovering around normal — someone better send out a rep from Corporate to shut that shit down.

That’s probably why there are ads inside the magazine, just to remind me that I am, in fact, too big for my britches.

2 thoughts on ““Go on, take the money and run.” 

  1. Is it opposite day in magazine cover land? Not only does the cover model look like a normal person, she’s not in a studio, and one of the cover headlines seems to be telling you to spend less… (Though the ‘Breathing: you’re doing it wrong’ story is kinda special.)

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