BRB, applying for jobs at the Pelvic Task Force.

Google News headline: “It’s unclear whether yearly pelvic exam is necessary, task force says”

Subhead/lead: “The annual pelvic exam is uncomfortable, invasive – and might not be necessary for healthy women. Or is it? There isn’t a clear answer.”

Well. Saved you a click, then. The full article likely explains both sides, but I don’t need to know details of “There isn’t a clear answer.” I’m just gonna keep being reassured annually that my business is up to code as long as insurance will let me, because symptoms of lady cancer are, like, being tired and getting your period, so…yeah. I’ll just continue being appraised on the annual, thanks.

Also, maybe I’m weird, but I don’t find the exam that¬†uncomfortable or invasive. Sure, a stranger is in your bits, so that’s never ideal. But I’d rather be uncomfortable talking about the weather while someone is penetrating me once a year than be uncomfortable because I have cancer.

P.S. How do I become a part of a Pelvic Task Force? I enjoy pelvic tasks.

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