Slow down, there, Quick Draw…

Entirety of first OkCupid message: “Great smile”

I’m not answering, because it’s not worth engaging an idiot in Delaware who’s wearing Hammer pants in his profile photo. But when you view my profile and send a generic message within the same minute — which OKC shows me — I can tell the only thought you’ve put into your correspondence is looking at my photo and deciding I’d be an acceptable specimen to wet your dick.

And that’s fine. It’s a dating site. People want their dick wet. And I do often enjoy helping them achieve their goals. And I definitely look at men’s photos to determine whether their faces would look good between my thighs.

At the same time, though? Fuck you a little. I at least read profiles first to be sure I’m not coming on to anyone who’s not worthy of me coming on.

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