Bookworming my way out of bullshit

When your family is coming to visit and you go around the house to collect all the books you’re reading and hide them in the bedroom, because it’s basically just a list of eight conversations you don’t feel like having today, plus the fact that “you read too much” and “have too many books — ha ha ha, hoarder” has somehow been a truly hilarious running joke for them since your childhood…

#issues #SuckItNowIGetPaidToRead

1 thought on “Bookworming my way out of bullshit

  1. I think “you read too much” would pretty much end the conversation for me. Where do you go from there? Nowhere good! (My husband did say something once to the effect that I shouldn’t read so much, because then I could get more done around the house (and to be clear, it does not look like Martha Stewart lives here, but neither do we live in a sty)–I’m pretty sure I didn’t talk to him for a couple of hours while trying to formulate a response that wouldn’t singe his hair. 🙂 )

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