“I’m just gonna lie down and listen to country music. The music of pain.”

I don’t know how it’s even possible I’ve never heard this song before, probably because country usually isn’t my angst. But oh, I am downloading this immediately and singing the SHIT out of it. There might even be a playlist, or as we fogies call it, a mix tape.

“I’m in the business of misery, let’s take it from the top.”

I’ve said this before, but this song is my angsty JAM. It’s a Fiona Apple kind of night at work. “Hot Knife” is up next. Maybe a little Anna Nalick later — “Catalyst,” for sure.

If you have a favorite misery-wallowing song, leave it in the comments. We’ll create our own Smug Buzzkill Playlist!

(NB: First person to say “Another Day in Paradise” or fucking “Christmas Shoes” gets stabbed in the eyes.)