I LOVE “Give No Fucks” Obama.

Via Huffington PostObama: ‘Playing Like A Girl Means You’re A Badass’

I LOVE “give no fucks” Obama.

Related: I also loved it when my city’s mayor literally dropped the mic on July 4 after singing “Rapper’s Delight” with The Roots. Outgoing politicians are THE BEST.

(Please don’t argue with me about politics. Or, rather, please don’t argue with yourself, because I’m not going to argue.)


Cool by association 

This? Oh, that’s no biggie. Just my #noncompliant and fucking BADASS friend whose tattoo was retweeted by #bitchplanet writer and co-creator Kelly Sue DeConnick.

You know. Whatevs. 

N.B. I did not take or originally tweet this photo, because I am not awesome enough to be a Planned Parenthood escort. Photo taken by a friend of said friend.