The most “The fuck?” baby I’ve ever seen.

I took this photo from the car while driving, so I’m sorry for the poor quality, but I drive past this billboard every day and I feel like everyone needs to behold its majesty.


Wake me up before you go-go-get an abortion. 

Yeah, pro-lifers, I think what you want right before the entrance to a really tight two-way tunnel that only barely fits two cars is a “Choose Life” billboard with a picture of a fetus, so l can nearly get into 47 different accidents because I got distracted thinking about fetuses and Wham!

On burritos and buttsex. 

Continuing a theme… 

Every day on my way to work, I drive past a billboard for a place called California Tortilla, and the billboard says, “We stuff imagination into unlikely places.”

And every time I see it, I think, “What, like the back of a Volkswagen?”