This needs more science.

One of the things I hate most about depression is… OK, fine, I COULD be. I’ll allow it. But has anyone considered that everything actually IS boring and shitty, and that staying in bed IS, in fact, the solution?

It merits investigation, is all I’m saying.

Y’all didn’t need to hear this.

I know it’s a common name, but it still amuses my brain sometimes when I talk to my coworker Rob and vividly remember a very different Rob who really (REALLY) liked hearing his name in combination with “Fuck me harder.”

I really wish I’d said that because I’m super smooth in bed and intrinsically attuned to my partner’s needs. But really, the first time I said it I was just bored. Thankfully most orders a woman gasps while hovering around orgasm sound fairly sexy — I could’ve said “Let’s get pancakes later, Rob” in that voice and it probably would’ve helped him along. But I’m glad he was happy, and it got me to my destination as well.