“Sometimes you have to show a little skin…”

My earlier post reminded me that I should finally see a dermatologist, just for a generalized old-lady exam to see if any of my adorable freckles are going to kill me later.

I’m on the website looking at the doctors’ photos and qualifications, and a few of them are men. One is a hot man.

Sorry, no, much as I’d love to take my clothes off in front of you, it’s not gonna be when I’m speckled with skin allergies and potentially cancerous freckles.

Tell ya what — let one of the other doctors in your practice fix those things, and also hook me up with some Botox, and THEN I can strut around your office naked, just for fun. Cool? Cool.

Re-blog: Botox Saved My Sex Life

I saw this on my Tumblr page and thought it was fascinating. I always like to know all the fun little things that can be wrong with my vagina.

Botox Saved My Sex Life

And hey, if you get Botox there, your vag will not only become more accepting of all those lovely human parts that give you pleasure, maybe it’ll also defy gravity, Elphaba style!