Would a “basic STD” also thrive on PSLs?

My health insurance enrollment form has a space where I can sign up for “basic STD.”

It stands for “short-term disability,” but still, a weird box to check. (Tee hee.)

“We’re gonna snatch that pussy and put him in a box and take him on the airplane.”**

Via The Huffington Post: There’s One Word You Should Never Use in Sexting.

Well, sure, but it’s not like anyone is sexting the word “penis,” either. Both words are unsexy because they’re just too clinical. I don’t know why they focused on “vagina.” (Maybe because it’s such a great thing to focus on — hey-o!)

Having said that, I’ll say “cock” or “dick,” but I have this weird thing where I can’t say any of the slang words for “vagina” in an actual sexual context. I end up going with “inside me.”

And yes, I do understand how weird that bit of prudishness is, given that I clearly have no issues talking about my vaginal shenanigans on a public blog. But “pussy” looks like it’s pus-related; “cunt” is an insult; “snatch” is a verb; I can’t even process “twat” — mine is too lovely to be called such a vulgar word; and no one has used “box” that way since like 1976. So I’m at a loss, cunning-linguistically.

** The title of this post is taken from an old George Carlin bit.