Breast isn’t always best

All I’m sayin’ is, your tits are bigger than mine, sir, so if I’M not allowed to be topless in public, YOU shouldn’t be, either.


There can only be one. 

Wait… just ONE?

Do I have to choose which one? That seems harsh — “Sorry, Righty. I’ll pray for you.”

I have questions.

Wonder Woman’s gonna wonder who my boobs even think they’re kidding.

It’s adorable how I just ordered this as if, even in its largest size, it will ever EVER even fit right, let alone function as a sports bra. #HeavyBoobs

An apology on behalf of my breasts

Dear Everyone Who’s Told Me I Should Watch My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,

I am so very sorry I didn’t listen. My entire life is canceled until I’ve seen them all.

Sincerest apologies from me and my heavy boobs,


As if “Fuller House” weren’t appalling enough…


At the same time…respect… 

Via Decider 

P.S. I saw a link for a porn parody of this over the weekend, but could not bring myself to click to watch Fuller Holes, even under the guise of “research.”