Oh, hey, here’s a real thing I just read…

I’d probably pay money for this just to have it around for inspiration.

Maybe also for decoration — a coffee table clit.

Via Someecards: France is using 3D-printed clitorises to teach all kids how to make orgasms happen:

Capitalizing my Lady Business

For several years after I first started having sex, I didn’t think a man could give me a clitoral orgasm, and I didn’t really enjoy receiving oral sex. (It wasn’t unpleasant, but I was always more G-spot-oriented.)

Looking back, I’m really glad I never gave up. Good for you, Lady Parts.* Way to evolve.

*Oh, yeah, I capitalize it now. They’ve earned it!

Pioneering “Pavlovagina”

Part of the fun of this page is that I get to Google Pavlov’s experiments in relation to my clitoris. Even if the joke didn’t quite work, it still amuses me that I connected the two. In fact, I’m not sure what “Pavlovagina” would mean, exactly, but I think we can all agree it should mean something.

(If you wondered, this was the joke: “I’m reasonably sure this all has something to do with with going from an ex who couldn’t orgasm, even on her own, to ME. Now it’s like he’s one of Pavlov’s dogs and my clitoris is the bell. Like he gets a treat every time he sets it off.”)