Art imitating life

When I told my therapist I was having a hard time getting myself to respond to OkCupid messages, even when I WANTED to, and I went over my previous experiences with online dating, she said, “Well, yeah, that makes sense. If you’d tried ice skating 10 times and ended up breaking an ankle every time, you probably wouldn’t be too excited to try again.”YUP.

Feelings overload

I had a whole thing written about last night’s therapy session, but then I saw this comic from Sarah Andersen, and… Yep, that pretty much covers it.

…*slow clap*…

Via David London’s Instagram

“Be terrifying.”

Friend: “‘Be terrifying’ is my next tattoo.”

Me: “I am not at all terrifying. That is not in my skill set. But it’s absolutely in yours. (That IS a compliment, I swear.)”

Friend: “I totally take it as one.”


Via Vanity Fair: