Attention-deficit/hypersensitivity disorder

At the end of his first OkCupid message, responding to a particular line in my profile, a man asked, “Why don’t you like Cuddling?”

Um, why don’t YOU like boundaries, fuckface? All the other things I said, you’re gonna start in with some shit right off the top?

I have things to DO, sir. I don’t have time for cuddling (or, in fact, “Cuddling”).

Ahem… See, this is why I don’t actually date, but DO go to therapy.

(In defense of my intimacy issues, what I actually SAID is, “I’m not a big fan of cuddling.” I have ADD, dude — I get bored.)

On post-sex snuggling

“That’s a stupid myth, right? That every woman has to be held and cuddled after sex? A lot of us don’t like it. It’s pointless, just get off of me. You were just inside of me — how much closer do you think you’re gonna get?”
Lisa Landry

(Most of the time, I can abide about 5 to 10 minutes of post-coital snuggling before I get antsy and start thinking about snacks. Or, if we did it right, I want to go to sleep, and I can’t do that when someone is touching me.)