They are not a part of the Rhythm Nation.

Sometimes I worry that I’m SUPER-stereotypically white when I dance — just awkward and stiff, totally unsexy, as if my hips need to be oiled, Tin-Man-style, and with no rhythm whatsoever.

This is not one of those times.

It’s possible I’m too old to twerk…

Well… I mean, come on… It’s been far too long since I’ve publicly embarrassed myself.

Frisky Friday: Girls Night Out Striptease Dance Party:

In case you don’t have Facebook (and GOOD for you, fight the power!), there’s more info on the venue site.

Embracing my sexuality via total embarrassment.

Today I took an Intro to Burlesque class at Kink Shoppe, which means I turned BEET red as I flaunted my flat ass in front of a room full of people, took my shirt off (tank top underneath), and had it reaffirmed that it’s hot when I play with my hair.