Sometimes I ask silly questions.

Internal monologue:
“Ugh. Why would they do that?”
“Presumably so women can see Channing Tatum wet and shirtless.”
“…Right, then. Carry on.”

Via The Mary Sue: Splash Remake Will Star Lovelorn Merman Channing Tatum and Jillian Bell
Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 10.02.44 AM.png

Unexpected Pixar rage. 

I’d steeled myself to feel all the feels and FINALLY go see Inside Out.

But what I did NOT prepare for was the bullshit short cartoon they showed before the movie. It was about a lonely boy volcano, with a face, looking for volcano love, singing an insufferable song about being a lonely volcano and not being able to find a lady volcano.*

Now I have a goddamn VOLCANO reminding me that I’m dying alone?! A VOLCANO needs a soulmate?

Thanks for reminding me I’m at the movies alone, Bitch Volcano. Maybe you need to look inside yourself for validation — did you ever think of that?

Pixar can go fuck itself. In 3D.

* “Lady volcano” is my new favorite euphemism for my vagina.

No Avengers assembly required. 

Once we got out of Pitch Perfect, we obviously had to grab a quick dinner and then go back to see Age of Ultron, and MAN, it was AWESOME! I can’t wait to go buy some sweet Black Widow merch!

Oh, wait…   

Just spoonful of sugar helps the childhood trauma go down…

Thirty minutes into Saving Mr. Banks, it seems to be about an uptight, controlling spinster with daddy issues.

Well! ‘Bout damn time! That’s my kind of Disney Princess. Proceed.

Fuck you, Mickey Mouse.

Disney Cruises just emailed me some offer and greeted me by my ex’s last name. I booked a Disney vacation with him and his family a few years ago, so it was like, “Ahoy there, Smith family!”

I thought I’d unsubscribed from their shit after the last time this happened, but I guess I didn’t hit the button hard enough. Let’s try this again…

Fuck you, Disney. Still feels like someone hit me. Thanks for that. Say hi to Mickey for me.