Nerd Girls Aren’t Easy, or Doc-Cock-Block

Perhaps a good first-date policy would be to see your intended’s Netflix queue BEFORE you say, “I’ll watch anything you want, except documentaries — ugh.”
20131110-090643.jpgYou hear that? That was my legs clamping shut, and there they shall remain. Kudos, sir — now we’re actually going to WATCH the movie. You might as well have said, “I’ll do anything you want, except learn.”

It’s not like I’m watching documentaries daily, but the only movie genre I’ve sworn off so sweepingly that I *wouldn’t* watch it next to someone I was trying to get with is a few categories of porn.

I suppose I’m glad we got that out of the way up front. But tread lightly, douchebro. Tread lightly.