Bringing sexy back/Only in my dreams

I had a dream that Justin Timberlake came up behind me at some party, “danced” with me by grinding his junk against my ass, and fondled my breasts. 

Good work, subconscious. More of this, please.

You want me to do WHAT with a tiger?

Woke up from a dream in which I was taking Dollar Store pregnancy tests. But they looked like tampon applicators, and had all different animal faces. Mine was a tiger, but there were also pandas and other vaginal menagerie. I was trying to figure out how to use them, because the instructions told me to *insert* them, but I’ve taken a pregnancy test before, so I know you’re supposed to pee on them.

Um… Happy Mother’s Day?

I wish I could remember which friends were with me in the bathroom. I’d love to give a special shout-out to whomever my subconscious thinks I’m close enough to that I’d let them see me take a pregnancy test.