Oh, hey, here’s a real thing I just read…

I’d probably pay money for this just to have it around for inspiration.

Maybe also for decoration — a coffee table clit.

Via Someecards: France is using 3D-printed clitorises to teach all kids how to make orgasms happen:

Maybe he meant “work in progress” smart

Seeing an “overeducated” and seemingly insufferably cocky man describe himself as “wip smart” in his OkCupid profile makes me far too happy in my petty places.

Are you just too “overeducated” to heed the sage teachings of Stewie Griffin? ‘Cause my state school BA and life spent watching cartoons are serving me pretty well right now.

No dick left behind

So weird, I was just thinking the other day that I should take some sort of class to improve my skill set and better myself, to bring more value into my life and, really, into the world.

So I guess this came (heh) into my life at exactly the right time. It’s like the Serendipity of blowjob classes… It’s Serendickity. (I’ll stop now.)

Fellatio Fundamentals with Yvette St. James: 

Let’s talk about sex.

I can’t go to this class, but you should:   

“It’s finally time to find out everything about sex you wish you’d been taught in school. It’s never too late to learn how to make sex better, the ways our bodies function, STIs, birth control, and much more. Come ready with an open mind and lots of questions, and leave feeling confident with knowledge you can use.”

Here’s the instructor’s Twitter. She’s pretty badass, and also one of my favorite people.

And as long I’m pimpin’, do you follow me? You totally should. I’m kind of adorable.