It’s in “People” magazine. Because it happens to People.

I just learned that May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so I’m going to post about it a bit, even though the posts never really go well. But I have a lot of friends who deal with mental health issues, and I dabble (maybe), so I think it’s important. Though I’ll try not to harp on it, because I understand it’s kind of a buzzkill.

Plus, Kristen Bell, who’s just delightful. And duh, obviously the little sister from Frozen was depressed and anxious, damn. Elsa was all shitty and agoraphobic, totally repressed because her parents wouldn’t let her feel her feelings. Wouldn’t even build a snowman with her kid sister, SHIIIT.

That’s why Anna was sad, disenchanted, and about to marry some asshole she’d known for a day just so she could get some attention. Baby girl had ISSUES.

(Seriously, though, good for her for talking about it, and in People magazine — possibly the most mainstream publication ever. And being chill about it, just, “Hey, this is common, and seeking help for it isn’t something you should be ashamed of.”)

Kristen Bell Discusses Dealing with Anxiety and Depression:bell.png

“Hide your crazy and start actin’ like a lady…”

I am obsessed with this song — it’s my new Sassy Strut/car singing/Pull Yourself Together song. In addition:

a) Miranda Lambert looks better unkempt than I do when I bring my capital-A game. I need more eye makeup, like, immediately.

b) I’m pretty sure I’ve HAD this conversation with my mother.

c) You can write it off because it’s country music, but it’s a bawdy, curvy, big-haired blonde sangin’ ’bout drankin’, and that there is some of my favorite comfort music. (For obvious reasons.) This song is the twangy, guitar-driven equivalent of “Conceal, don’t feel” — Miranda Lambert is basically Elsa, and you KNOW that movie would’ve been way better with whiskey and pills.