Looks and books

I just finished reading a book called Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls, and the author, Jes Baker, points out that you rarely see “larger” women paired with thinner men in advertising or pop culture. I hadn’t really noticed that before, but…yeah.

Generally, I’m not attracted to men who weigh less than I do. That may well be years of indoctrinated body anxiety, but I don’t want to look like I ATE my Person. Logically I know it’s not true, but I feel like I’d break a thinner man in half — I want a dude who looks like he can TAKE me, even if, again, I understand a thinner man could.

But this? Her? Jonas? HAWT. GET IT, GIRL.
(BTW, a friend recently told me she didn’t know I had Goodreads, so here’s the link if you feel the need to follow me on yet another thing.)

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Reading too much into Goodreads

I checked out the profile of the OkCupid guy I wrote about earlier, and I’m not interested, so the name thing won’t even be an issue. (If I met anyone cool, I’d likely get over a name pretty quickly.)

Weirdness factor, though: In his profile, the OkCupid guy linked to his Goodreads page. I clicked it, and it took me directly to a Goodreads page that asked me to accept a friend request from him. I didn’t know that was a thing. I declined the request, but then noticed it also had him “following” my reviews, which I also didn’t know was a thing. So I went to find who else follows my reviews — and it’s him and That Guy, plus two other people I don’t know.

Fucking Internet.

I don’t write reviews, so it’s not as if there’s anything to follow, but I locked down my Goodreads, anyway.

I’m almost positive That Guy friend-requested me on Goodreads a million years ago, and when I declined, Goodreads automatically did the “follow” without him even realizing; he’s likely never noticed because I don’t post anything there. So I’m not implying that he’s, like, stalking my reading list — that would be dumb. The sequence of events was just freaky.