Graham Slams

I know I’m basically obsessed with Ashley Graham at this point, but… but…

C’mon, y’all, godDAMN.

Notes to self:
— Obtain first bikini
— Go to beach


Damn, girl…

There’s a Justin Timberlake song called “Damn, Girl” in which the first lyrics are just him repeating, “Damn, girl; damn, girl; damn, girl; damn, girl; damn…”

I’m not coveting her in a naked way, but… damn, girl.

She’s my body-image hero. I want us to have amazing boobs and that sweet waist curve and go shoot arrows together.


In which @TheBloggess is delightful and lovely

I asked, and Jenny Lawson runs her own Twitter, which means SHE followed me. On PURPOSE.

When I thanked her for following me, she thanked ME for writing something that made her want to follow me.

And then I died. 


Let’s get to know each other better. And by “better,” I mean “naked.”

I’ve been tempted to contact an acquaintance of mine and just say, “I think you’d be amenable to sleeping with me, that you’d satisfy me, and not disrespect me OR want to date me after. So… wanna?”

I’d be offended if a guy said that to me, but I suspect, as a woman, it would make me some kind of hero.