Flashing for fries

It is ass hot and 6000% humid, so obviously work clothes need to come off as soon as I walk in the house. But I had just taken off my bra when I realized that if I want dinner, I have to have it delivered. I prefer to have a bra on if I’m human-facing, but I’m not putting that damn thing back on, leading to this actual thing I just said to myself out loud: “Fuck it. Deal with my breasts, delivery guy.”

Think I could get the fries for free? I like to pretend I’m better than that, but…I’m exhausted and hungry, so I’m really not.

“Girl, I’m gonna make you sweat…”

“It’s amazing how short the interval is between, ‘Boy, I can’t wait for summer!’ and, ‘Fuck THIS shit.'”
Christian Finnegan

It’s been far too long since I’ve had a man sweat on me. Fortunately I just walked outside in New Jersey, so it was basically the same idea.