The ineptitude trifecta!

I’m subscribed to roughly 6,000 online job alerts, and one of the recommendations today was “Relationship Coordinator” for a bank.

Oh, honey. I know you’re just an algorithm or whatever, but the three things I’m worst at in life are relationships, coordination, and banking.

“And doggonnit, people like me.”

Really the only assurance I have that I’m a “real writer” is my constant, crippling self-doubt when I go to send a resume for a job that involves a lot of writing, and my brain is all, “Your writing is only good enough for silly Internet dick jokes, and for making real-life Facebook friends chuckle with posts about cake or the indignities of Mondays. No one is going to PAY you to write.”

Suck it, gremlins. We’re applying.

“You’re a hack!”

SHUT UP. Your mom’s a hack!