“Girls, what’s my weakness? Men! OK, then…”

Honest opening lines:

“Hello. Something about you has had a tangible effect on my nether regions, but I’m trying to be a lady about it so you’ll at least text me in the morning.”

I want you to want me…

Via HuffPost Women: How To Tell If A Woman Is Down To Have Sex With You

A happy bonus of being kind of a tramp is that no one has ever needed to ask me if I want to have sex with them.

Besides putting the onus on the man to ask, I would offer that a woman is quite capable of letting him know. I’m a lady, certainly, but there comes a point at which things need to get handled. The demure subtlety lives in my brain, you see, so once my bloodflow gets directed elsewhere, it’s difficult to bring back “proper.” At that point, I will tell you, or just show you, that I want you.