Bad feminist! No cookie!

Just so were clear? I understand how wrong it is that I even noticed how much I love Sheryl Sandberg’s hair.
20140411-094529.jpgBut I totally do. I want to Lean In to her stylist. (Which is handy, because I’m getting a haircut tomorrow!)

“Lean In…to Botox”

I don’t know what y’all talk about at work…

Coworker: “I need a dermatologist to help me understand how I can have wrinkles and acne. Mother Nature is a cruel mistress.”

Me: “Yeah, I have that, too. It’s adorable. I find myself believing ads for wrinkle cream. And then I hate myself because ‘aging is natural and we should embrace it.’ I am a terrible, terrible feminist.”

Coworker: “I know. But can’t we have equal rights and feel pretty? I want both.”

Me: “Exactly. Lean In…to Botox.”