Facebook is mocking me.

For whatever reason, this GORGEOUS non-Melissa-McCarthy dress came up in the results earlier when I was looking for the Melissa McCarthy clothes at Nordstrom, and now Facebook is mocking me with it via a “sponsored post.”  


I can TOTALLY wear that to Christmas dinner, right? My family wears sweatpants to weddings, so this is perfect, no?

See also: Fuck you, Facebook, I don’t have $150.

Rebel Wilson’s “relevant and dope” new fashion line

Via CosmopolitanRebel Wilson’s New Fashion Line Is Here — and It’s Amazing

I actually don’t get the appeal of Rebel Wilson as an actor. I don’t think she’s as funny as everyone else seems to think she is.


This line really is cute. I felt bad that I didn’t like a lot of the stuff Melissa McCarthy made, and it was SO cost-prohibitive. (You know you’re fucked when something’s at Nordstrom.) But Torrid? I might be able to hang with Torrid. And OMG, the model is the CUTEST.


Full disclosure: Depending on the week, I am one or two sizes away from “plus size,” and don’t believe it should be a thing. Clothes should just come in sizes. But I love seeing more options being made available, especially cute, affordable ones with adorable models.

Melissa McCarthy Tells Ellen DeGeneres: “We Tear Down Women in This Country”

I wish almost every Melissa McCarthy movie didn’t look awful, because I do want to support her as a human.

Sookie St. James for life, though!

(And also, hey, maybe don’t be a dick?)

Via The Mary Sue: Melissa McCarthy Tells Ellen DeGeneres “We Tear Down Women in This Country” in Response to Sexist Criticism