At the very least, the palate of my vagina is cleansed.

I accidentally saw something fucking AWFUL in Facebook’s “trending” news sidebar, and felt pretty close to either crying or throwing up at my desk.

I took a few minutes to breathe, then went online in pursuit of a palate cleanser. I put #Scandal on Netflix out of habit, just for background noise to finish out the workday, but didn’t realize which episode I’d left off at.

Y’all? Never underestimate the healing power of Marcus and Mellie bangin’ on a desk. 

(The other thing will likely still roam the halls of my brain for a couple days, but #MellieBelly does help.)


“You had to not exist.”

“You left me behind. And I was so angry at you that you had to not exist. I needed to erase you. And then Jerry died, and I erased me, too. Having someone die on you before you have said everything and forgiven everything and been there and loved them as hard as you should… It’s not something I’d wish on anyone.”
— Mellie Grant, Scandal