I need a body image minder. 

Immediate reaction: “The body acceptance activist has smaller thighs than I do.”

Follow-up thought:WOW. Is there an award for missing the point?”

Also, though, the award for best shirt? Definitely all her. *slow clap*  

Last re-blog today: Plus-Size Model Creates #EffYourBeautyStandards Movement

Get it, girl.

Via Buzzfeed: The Biggest Plus-Size Model To Get A Major Contract Created The #EffYourBeautyStandards MovementIMG_3811I’m gonna need that haircut, STAT, and all the makeup she has on, and also an eyebrow transplant. (Because, obviously, “You have really good eyebrows.”)

Ahem. This is what’s known as missing the point of a movement encouraging you to disregard standards of beauty.

Whatever, I left off the part where I also want a nosejob now. Oh, wait…