Life imitates “Friends”

Rachel: “Monica, what are you doing?”

Chandler: “Well, she spent the last 6 months getting over him, and now she’s celebrating that by…going on a date with him.”

Monica: “It’s not a date! I’m just gonna teach him how to make a lasagna for some potluck dinner he has.”

Joey: “Well, you might wanna make a little extra, because, ya know, you’ll probably be hungry after the sex.”

Monica: “We’re not gonna have sex! OK, nothing’s changed here — he still doesn’t want children and I still do. So that’s why we’re gonna just be friends.”

Ross: “Naked friends…”

The One Where Life Imitates “Friends.”

Flipping channels and happened upon a “Friends” episode — the one where Monica and Richard are “just friends.” Proving once more that life imitates “Friends.”

Monica: “Nothing’s changed here. That’s why we’re gonna just be friends.”
Ross: “Naked friends…”

Wisdom of “Friends”

Chandler: So you don’t think I’m terminal?
Monica: You’re not terminal. We just need some damage control.
Chandler: OK. OK. So, should I call her?
Rachel & Monica: No!
Rachel: Very critical time right now. If you feel yourself reaching for that phone, you go shoe shopping. You get your butt in a bubble bath. If you want her back, you have got to start acting aloof.
Monica: She has to know that you’re not needy.
Chandler: So, I’m not gonna lose her?
Rachel: [going over to him and patting his head] Oh, honey, you’re not a total loser.
Chandler: I said, “So I’m not gonna lose her?”
Rachel: Oh.

I will never learn this. It’s terminal.

“Kids won’t walk past my place, they will RUN!”

Pulling myself out of a weird funk. This helped, as it always does, in part because Chandler went on to participate in one of the all-time greatest TV marriage proposals. (My undying love for Monica & Richard notwithstanding.)