Hunting the rare and elusive uniporn

Holy shit, you guys. I think I’ve found some sort of porn holy grail.

Lots of kissing; equal and enthusiastic oral for both parties; no spitting; normal-shaped woman with the cutest tummy curve and a great ass; reasonably attractive man with a big yet non-threatening dick; enough talking/sounds to convey appreciation and a good time being had by all, but no obviously fake, exaggerated noises or commentary; perfect line walked between request and command from both participants; dude moaning a bit in her ear and grabbing her ass, hips, shoulders, neck, and hair; believable-enough orgasms (multiple!) for the lady; and his first move was to bend her over.

And I am just enough of a narcissist to be really into the fact that the woman moves and sounds like I do.

It’s like a unicorn of porn — it’s a uniporn.

Ahem… Um… So… I have to go, uhhhh… take care of a few things… It’s pretty important…

(Hey, you fix bad days your way, I fix them mine.)