Inspira-SHUN the Non-Believers! Shuuunnn!

So, tonight I attended a gathering of female entrepreneurs, and someone flagged my negative self-talk and offered me an affirmation card.

OK, shut up, assholes — I rolled my eyes, too. BUT. Picking a card at random, check out this prescient motherfucker right here.

I’m about to pay for EXTRA therapy for my past nonsense, but this card’s all, “Naw, girl, I got you.”

Epic new heights of professionalism

I was invited to a party at the home of a former coworker. She and I are cool, but I’m debating whether we’re cool enough that I can ask her what I really want to know before I commit to attending this shindig: will there be any cute male Singletons there with whom I can get drunk and misbehave?

I should get my new summer dress hemmed ASAP, just in case anyone’s face needs to be under it in the near future. I wouldn’t want them to get too hot. It’s called manners?