Like a turducken of condescension

I’m not sure, but I think a man just mansplained another mansplainer to me, and now my head hurts.



They changed OkCupid’s messaging, so I often don’t see first messages for a few weeks. Today I encountered this one.

There a few different directions it could be headed. I’m curious, but not so much that I’ll reply just to find out.


Maybe 2 years ago I deleted a college classmate from Facebook because we’d never really talked other than that time he man-splained cell phone plans to me. I get enough of that shit from the men (and women) in my family, thanks. Boy, bye.

I think today is the…third (fourth?) time since then he’s sent me a new friend request. And once there was a direct message asking where I’d gone.

The first few times I denied his request, I felt kinda mean, because “It’s just Facebook,” but now…nah. I feel pretty OK about this choice. And about blocking him so he can’t do it again.